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Stardock WindowBlinds 8.13

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Stardock WindowBlinds 8.13

WindowBlinds - The most popular program for changing (setting) the graphical interface (GUI) operating system in the GUI and adding some useful options - for example, accommodation in a new window buttonscontrol the most frequently used applications (including media player). The program is designed for Windows XP and Vista.Styles in WindowBlinds visual style are ready to guarantee animations, sounds, alpha transparency taskbar, change the icons on the toolbar.Thanks to a giant library of "skins" on the website WinCustomize choose something to your taste may be, for sure, either. There are in fact available and optimal for the desktop wallpaper.

WindowBlinds - It is one of the few programs that is certified by Microsoft. Supports the creation of your own or import the ready-made.Perhaps and configure exceptions for individual programs in the event of a conflict with WindowBlinds.6 version has a redesigned user interface, and full support for the operating system Windows Vista, which will allow to change any component part of the external appearance of the operating system. The details of this issue is not reported.

Benefits Windowblinds:
• WindowBlinds uses skins that change the view of any element on your own discretion.Unlike Windows, the program is also changing, and other applications that are not considered to support a variety of themes and skins.You may have noticed that applying any theme on Windows, some programs still remain unchanged. This occurs due to the fact that they do not support these same subjects. WindowBlinds can change the look of even such programs.
• WindowBlinds uses DirectX acceleration. This allows you to move windows, resize faster than the usual Windows.
• Companies such as Alienware, among many others, are using WindowBlinds, to create custom skins for desktops. This program allows companies to make themselves their own unique brand, offering users to see and experience something new and interesting.

Visual Styles
Choose one of the many skins included in WindowBlinds or choose from thousands of skins available for download on the site

Alternative Skins
Some skins have several sub-styles that can be applied to suit your tastes. You can also save your combination of style as presets for quick access later.

Change Skins
Customize any of the default Windows, or any skins downloaded from

It is easy to change the fonts that will be using your skins.

We found a skin you like, but you want to change the color scheme? WindowBlinds allows you to instantly change the colors in the configuration menu.

Customize any skin by applying one of the textures included with WindowBlinds or use one of your own creations.

Explore the table
Tired of looking at those boring white windows explorer? Adjust them according to vashimvkusom.

Easy setup
Simplified configuration menu to make personalizing your desktop quickly and intuitively. Instantly browse your selection and adjustment, before applying them to the desktop.

Any changes or adjustments made in the tabernacle can be saved as a preset. Ready lets you view older settings and apply them to throw off quickly.

Random Skins
WindowBlinds allows you to change skins randomly at regular intervals. Your desktop will never be boring again, when you change the skin every time you log in.

Skins for applications
Select the skins for each of your types of applications. For example, WindowBlinds lets you use a different cover for word processing software

Make your own skin
SkinStudio, powerful application -kompanon for WindowBlinds, which allows you to create your own skins. Edit Control, the Start menu, taskbar, Windows Explorer, fonts, background colors and more with SkinStudio.

Easy to use
Adjust only those parts of the interface Windows, you want to change, and SkinStudio will do the rest. This makes it easy for inexperienced users. Experienced users can still enjoy every aspect of interface design Windows.

It is important to : The WindowBlinds 8 dropping support for older versions of the OS - a utility designed for Windows 7 | 8; users of Windows Vista and XP have to settle for the last, the seventh version of the application.

Изменения в WindowBlinds 8.13
- Compatible with the latest version of Chrome

Stardock WindowBlinds 8.13

Stardock WindowBlinds 8.13

Graduation Year : 2015
Operating system : Windows® 7 | 8 & 8.1
Interface language English
Activation : Trial reset
Size : 46,31 Mb

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