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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.1.1 (2015/ML/RUS)

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.1.1 (2015/ML/RUS)

Illustrator CC - it is accepted as the industry standard vector graphics software, used extensively by designers in different areas - digital graphics, illustrations and printing- The development of all types of multimedia resources: printed materials, online content, interactive media, video and mobile applications.

Introducing the most powerful and comfortable version of Illustrator®.The new tool "to change the text" contains an expanded set of management functions set text, including moving, scaling, and rotation of individual characters with the ability to change the fontor copying at any time. Illustrator CC allows you to provide access to the results of the work directly from the application and synchronize color Adobe® Kuler®. Collect all his work together.

Benefits Illustrator CC
Dynamic shapes: rectangles, and rectangles with rounded corners
You can easily manage rectangles angles - for example, to change the radius of curvature of each corner individually. When you zoom and rotate the rectangle attributes its angles remain unchanged.Illustrator program now remembers the results of (the width of the object, its height, the parameters of rotation and rounded corners), so you can easily revert to the original parameters of the figure.

Preview when drawing tool "Pen"
Browse circuit, which draws even before specify the next point. As the drawing between the pen tip and the last reference point line appears similar to the gum.Visualize the location of the next curve as you add contour points - it will reduce the time spent on rework loops.

Improvements in working with anchor points
Now, the exact formation of loops even easier.New controls let you drag anchor points, or irregular multi-directional markers as drawing, which provides the ability to control smoothing of each segment. Now you can even modify the corner points to perform smoothing without damaging the pieces.

New features pixel snapping, point and grid
When the anchor is ideally aligned reference points according to a selected pixel, or dot grid. However, this does not apply to the reference marker.Now they do not depend on the binding so you can keep the exact shape of the contours and make fine adjustments during editing.

For more precise control of the closure of circuits
Closing edge precise and predictable way. You can very precisely connect the start and end points of the contour. Specify the position of the closing point of the contour guide lines or torn to fine tune the closing curve.

GPU Acceleration in Windows
A new feature GPU acceleration for Windows provides faster performance on computers running Windows 7 and 8. To use this feature, you must have Adobe-certified NVIDIA video cards with video memory of at least 1 GB.

Automatic search for missing fonts in the library Typekit
Now when you open the document is automatically replacing missing fonts.The program Illustrator CC 2014 searches for missing fonts in the library Typekit fonts for desktop computers, and in the case of detection allows you to synchronize fonts through Creative Cloud with one click.

And much more
Also contains: improve dialog missing fonts and new opportunities to work with including text layout and typesetting functions. See the release notes completely.

System requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor
Microsoft Windows 7, 1 with Service Pack, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
1 GB of RAM (3 GB recommended) for 32 bit; 2 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended) for 64-bit
2 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (can not install on removable flash storage devices)
1024 x 768 display (1280 x 800 recommended)
To view Illustrator in HiDPI mode, your monitor must support a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or more. For more information, see Enhanced Windows Support: HiDPI devices.
Optional: To use GPU Performance (experimental feature):(NVIDIA video adapter listed below (medium / high-end recommended); 1 GB of VRAM (2 GB recommended); and latest NVIDIA drivers for optimal performance (recommended driver version 335.23 or later (for GeForce series), version 332.76 or later ( for Quadro series)
The following NVIDIA video adapter series support the new Windows GPU Performance features in Illustrator:
Quadro K Series
Quadro 6xxx
Quadro 5xxx
Quadro 4xxx
Quadro 2xxx
Quadro 2xxxD
Quadro 6xx
GeForce GTX Series (4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, Titan)
Internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services. *

Operating system: Windows® 7 | 8 | 8.1 (32-64 bit)
Graduation Year: 2015
Language: Ml / Multilingual / English
Activation: В комплекте (Universal Patcher 1.5)
Size: 1.92 GB | 2.00 GB

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.1.1 (2015/ML/RUS)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.1.1 (2015/ML/RUS)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.1.1 (2015/ML/RUS)

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