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VSO Downloader Ultimate

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VSO Downloader Ultimate

VSO Downloader Ultimate - это достаточно шустрый в работе менеджер многопоточной загрузки файлов. С его помощью можно загружать онлайн-видео с большинства широко известных видеохостингов, например как YouTube. Для того, что-бы начать загрузку вам не понадобится копировать и вставлять URL-адрес - VSO Downloader автоматически выявит и скачает потоковое видео, при этом отсечет баннеры и рекламные объявления. В программе имеется поддержка протоколов HTTP, HTTPS и прокси-серверов, возможность докачки и многое другое.

• Compatible with a variety of sites streaming video / audio.
• Detects and loads of media (audio + video) files from the browser (detects ads and does not download it).
• No need to copy and paste the URL - the media is automatically detected.
• Smart automatic file renaming (manual file renaming during download is also possible to "F2").
• It is very easy, using the least amount of system resources, it takes less than 5MB of memory Only uses 2% of cpu when downloading.
• High engine load and robust multi-threaded algorithm to download the files.
• Supports HTTP, HTTPS protocols and all major VPN and proxy server (compatible with SOCKS5 protocols and HTTP).
• resume function starts the download from where it left off (when the download process is interrupted, you do not need to start again).
• Works independently of the web browser, therefore it works with all, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and many others.

VSO Downloader has got a simple interface. Simple run the program and it will automatically keep track of any videos that you watch online.There is no need to manually add any URLs, it will automatically download the videos that you are watching to your hard disk.The program comes with an Ad Blocker and ensures that ads are not downloaded. Supports download resume and it is also compatible with HTTP, HTTPS protocols.You can configure the program to limit the number of files it downloads at a time or the number of threads to open per download. You can also filter the downloads by a minimum file size. The program will download the videos in its original format as it does not come with any converter.
VSO Downloader Ultimate

VSO Downloader Ultimate

VSO Downloader Ultimate

Graduation Year: 2014
Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: Multilingual / Multilanguage
Activation: patch XenoCoder
File size: 19,17 Mb

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