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Solid PDF till Word 9.1.5565.760 Final

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Solid PDF till Word 9.1.5565.760 Final

Solid PDF to Word - представляет собой программное обеспечение, которое осуществляет преобразование документов формата PDF в редактируемые файлы Microsoft Word, в том числе конвертирование не всего документа, а только отдельного фрагмента (файла или буфера обмена). Данный продукт также предоставляет разнообразные инструменты просмотра страниц (увеличение и т.п.) и поддерживает пакетную обработку файлов. Solid PDF to Word генерирует подгружаемый модуль в интерфейсе Microsoft Word (кнопка «Открыть PDF»).

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• PDF till Word
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• Hämta data
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• laddningsbar modul Word (knappen Öppna PDF)
• laddningsbar modul Word (knappen Öppna TIFF)

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• Konvertera till PDF / A
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Simple and neatly-structured appearance
• The application features a fairly basic and approachable user interface, slightly resembling the Office suite due to the use of a ribbon, which comprises its main functions and options.
• The start screen of the program enables you to open a PDF in order to manually decide which area you need to turn to DOCX or RTF format, but for converting whole documents, you can just load the files into Solid PDF to Word and export them in a few button presses.

Swiftly convert your PDFs to RTF or DOCX format
• The utility lets you open a Portable Document Format file and browse through the available pages, while the zoom function helps you analyze the text in more detail, in order to determine which text area you need.
• The tool is capable of automatically detecting tables, also prompting you to choose the precise page range for conversion. However, if you only need a certain paragraph, you can use your mouse cursor and select that exact region, then right-click and pick the ‘PDF to Word’ option from the context menu.
• Solid PDF to Word offers a series of output ‘Options’, allowing you to define a destination folder and the overwrite rules, the ‘Reconstruction Mode’ for vector graphics, list rendering as well as OCR text recovery preferences. The text can be reconstructed in flowing, continuous or exact mode, while headers, footers and annotated text can be kept or removed.

A useful conversion instrument
• All in all, Solid PDF to Word proves to be a reliable and user-friendly application that can successfully guide you through the process of converting your PDF files to DOCX or RTF format, so as to keep the source text unaltered.

• Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista eller XP (32 och 64 bitars versioner)
• Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013) som krävs för Solid Ribbon Add-in (Öppna PDF, Öppna bild och Skanna till Word direkt från Microsoft Word)
• Minst - CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (2 GHz) eller AMD AthlonTM XP 2800+ (2.2GHz); RAM: 1GB
• Rekommenderad - CPU: Intel 2 Duo E6300 (1,86 GHz) eller AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 3800+ (2GHz); RAM: 2 GB +

Språk: Engelska, tyska, franska, italienska, nederländska, portugisiska, spanska, polska, ryska

År: 2015
Aktivering: Ingår (nyckel)
Operativsystem: Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
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