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Snappy Driver Installer R169

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Snappy Driver Installer R169

Snappy Driver Installer - Is a program for installing and updating the drivers from drayverpakov. Snappy Driver Installer uses the drivers made SamLab'om and go in a collection SamDrivers.Collection of drivers from for all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 including server platforms.The collection includes the most current at the date of release of drivers collected personally SamLab. Do not confuse this package with a driver-packs Bashrat - these drivers are newer and more stable.SamLab long been a member of the team Bashrat has the opportunity to know about all the problems of the other driver packages to create its own set of the most complete and peaceful!

Key features Snappy Driver Installer:
• Programming language: C / C ++.
• The most advanced algorithm for matching drivers among peers.
• Program weighs less than a megabyte, and does not require any third-party programs.
• High performance when indexing, searching for the driver installation.
• Support for uncompressed drivers.
• Create system images to emulate someone else's system on another PC.
• Warnings about possible virus attempts to infect the stick with the program.
• The ability to update the software and the drivers via the Internet (technology torrents).

Why should I use this program instead of DriverPack Solution?
• To install the drivers recommend using Snappy Driver Installer and below will explain why.
• BadPointer (software developer Snappy Driver Installer) previously worked on DriverPack Solution (DPS), so he is well aware of the possibility of DPS, as well as its limitations.DPS is written in javascript, which is very slow and contains many restrictions. Since DPS should work even under the antiquated IE 6.0, the effective use of the new design of the latest browsers inadmissible to avoid the appearance of various script errors when running on older IE.
• It should be noted that all current code selection and installation DPS written BadPointer'om and since he stopped working on DPS, no one involved in finalizing the DPS, since those who stayed inDPS did not have sufficient understanding of the code and, accordingly, could not fix it.Therefore, for the last year at the DPS changes mainly affected the interface and kit additional software, and chronic problems DPS (such as installing Intel USB 3.0, Tatsch on desktops, the selection of the sound driver) remained unresolved all this time and now it is unlikely ever to be corrected .
• Snappy Driver Installer was originally developed as a BadPointer'om alone DPS rewriting from scratch in C / C ++. But as a result it was decided to promote it independently by DPS and under another name.
• The Snappy Driver Installer has corrected the problems with the selection of the drivers complete the programming language C / C ++ allows you to achieve an order of magnitude higher performance and stability of thedue to lack of any dependency like IE.Snappy Driver Installer produces a high-quality selection of drivers by taking into account many more drivers and characteristics of the devices and drivers of the ranking by degreecompatibility, while the DPS could prematurely discard the driver and could not compare with each other drivers from different drayverpakov.

Let's compare the 3 installation program, are available on SamDrivers
• DriverPack Solution (DPS)
• Drivers Installer Assistant (DIA)
• Snappy Driver Installer (SDI)

The size of the program
• DPS - 34 MB (291 files)
• DIA - 44 MB (189 files)
• SDI - 1,3 MB (43 files) without translation and the - less than one MB (single file).

• DPS - Depends on the IE. It may fail to IE6.0. It leaves entries in the registry and can change the logo OEM (assembly SamDrivers is disabled).
• DIA - Depends on the library vbscript and automatically installs them on.

Time Indexing
• DPS - 280 seconds (4:40)
• DIA - 123 seconds (2:03)
• SDI - 19 seconds (13 seconds and 6 seconds indexing compression)
• Note: DPS and DIA recovered and only handles inf files (volume of 1.2 GB), and SDI - inf files, in addition to another cat files. The total volume of all files - 2 GB. Thus, SDI is necessary to treat a much greater volume of information.

Start time of the program
• DPS - 10 sec
• DIA - 3 seconds
• SDI - 0,5 sec

The method of installing the drivers
• DPS - devcon.exe. Identical installation through Device Manager.
• DIA - DPInst.exe. Decides which drivers to update and may refuse to install the appropriate drivers. Copies files yourself that sometimes leads to incomplete installation.
• SDI - Win32API. Identical installation through Device Manager. Automatically clicks the "Continue" when you install unsigned drivers.

Ranking of drivers
• DPS - For each device selected, only one driver. The rest drop out at an early stage and are not even mentioned in the logs.
• DIA - to create a common list of eligible drivers within the drivers. Ranking of drivers from different drayverpakov not performed.
• SDI - For each device creates a list of all the drivers found the drivers. The list is sorted so that the most appropriate drivers are closer to the top, and the first driver just offered to the default setting.

Downloading from the Internet drayverpakov
• DPS - Configurator allows you to choose what you need to download the drivers. Update drayverpakov and determining the need to update is not provided.
• DIA - None.
• SDI - It is possible to update the software and the drivers (the old replaced by new ones). If the download codes, you can determine what the drivers contain the latest drivers and download them only.

System requirements:
• Any version of Windows from Windows 2000 to 10 (32bit-64bit)


Version: R169 on 03/18/2015
Resolution: 32bit - 64bit
Language: ML | Multi | English ...
Activation: Not required
Size: 8.73 Gb